Alicia M.

Dear Sir/Madam:

I am a client of your organization and attended a counseling session with a member of your Counseling Team, Mr. William M, yesterday from 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm (CDT).

I wish to make you aware of the fine impression of your team he made on me, the client. He presented the material in a very professional and organized manner.

The questions/answers and dialogue was extensive and very personal in a lot of areas. I was made at ease and felt like I could open up with safety and honesty with this counselor.

When any of us come across fine individuals in the business world like Mr. William M, I feel like they should be recognized.

I know he is of great value to your organization, and you are indeed lucky to have such a fine employee.

Best of luck to your organization and Mr. William M in the future.

I am glad you all have come my way in our life’s journey.

Billy J

Dear Mr. Lalwani,

Doing the entire application process, there were times when I felt like throwing in the towel before God sent an angel like Nicola ButtsWimpel to guide us through this process for what I thought was hopeless, eventually turned out to be a blessing for my husband and I.  We felt troubled, but through firmness and dedication, Ms. ButtsWimpel never allowed time for self pity or grieving, only time for BELIEVING  and we SUCCEEDED!

I can write a book about how wonderful Ms. Nicola has been to us during these difficult months.  Instead I would like to take this time to give accolades to such an Amazing, DelightfulReassuring woman who is definitely a great asset to your company.  Without her strength and determination it would not have happen for us.  But it DID!!!

Once again, you truly have a symbol of what superior employees do to make the lives of their clients less stressful and more enjoyable.  Ms. Nicola ButtsWimpel is certainly that person. Great job, Well done!

Robert and Lena Florida

DebtHelper offers excellent customer services, professional advisers and affordable prices. We strongly recommend DebtHelper for all those that are filing bankruptcy and need to take the Credit Counseling course and the Post-debtor education course. They are good people that will take good care of all those that need of their professional services.

Consumer Attorneys of America, P.A.

It has been over 4 yrs and maybe 4 or 5 attorneys and all our retirement before I found Stefanie Clement. Ms. Clement was referred to me by a friend 2 yrs ago; however, I had a billing hog attorney so I couldn’t get away until I fired him in the middle of a $30,000 bill for 2 months of research.

In the 12th hour Stefanie saved my friend; now I was in the 12th hour with nothing to lose since I was being evicted and I had the attorney bills in District court with a Judge and opposing counsel working together against me. My WWII husband passed due to all the panic, stress and anger of the Judge giving his house to his granddaughter with NO witnesses and proof, I had to stand up alone.

I called the Clement Law office got an appointment with Stefanie, she advised me of my options, no “let me research and get back with you”. I completed everything we talked about and got the paper work I needed from her. My eviction was stopped and now I can work on other things like complaining of unethical attorneys that exploited us for money and only delayed our case.

I can’t even express into words what an honorable, smart, sharp attorney Stefanie Clements is; including she is gorgeous and married to a lucky man. She took my heart attack stress away, and I feel for the first time I have a real attorney for justice how blessed I am. Thank you so much!

Ms R Las Vegas, Nevada

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